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  • K.A. Neely and N.M. Etter: Fingertip and Orofacial Sensorimotor Control in Young Adults with ADHD Social Science Research Institute, the Pennsylvania State University
  • K.A. Neely, Effects of stimulant medication on the motor system in adult attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder. NARSAD Young Investigator Award, The Brain and Behavior Research Foundation.


  • M. Sheriff and T. Langkilde. The Adaptive Potential of Maternal Stress as a Driver of Variation in Offspring Fitness in a Free-living Animal. National Science Foundation. IOS 1456655.

  • Ping Li: NCS-FO: Integrative Neural Approaches to Understanding Science Text Comprehension

Bold new brain research in neuroengineering, brain-inspired design, and individuality


  • Laura Klein received SSRI/CBBC Level I funding for her proposal "Effects of nicotine exposure on body weight, food consumption, neurohormones, and receptor expression in adolescent and adult female mice.”
  • Sonia Cavigelli, Tracy Langkilde, and Paul Bartell received SSRI/CBBC Level II funding for their proposal “Glucocorticoid programing as a mechanism to fine-tune brain and behavior in a changing world.”



  • Rick Gilmore and Yanxi Liu received the INSPIRE grant from the National Science Foundation. The project will improve understanding about how human observers detect and process symmetry and from the data design more effective computer-based detection algorithms

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